We empower institutional digital asset traders with our cutting edge LLMs.

Our institutional grade solutions enable effortless pre-trade checks, trade booking, and confirmation, so you can book more business, reduce risk and drive greater efficiency.

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Automate trade booking for spot & derivatives with /book

Catapult’s LLMs securely interpret any trades discussed in chats, and compiles them ready to be booked in seconds, saving traders over 200 hours.

Catapult understands slang, abbreviations and negotiations with ease.

-> Reduce booking errors by 95%

Instant pre-trade compliance & risk checks with /check

Query any client to understand their compliance and risk limits before you quote a price, so you’re always fast and fully compliant as you trade.

Be notified in real-time if you’re about to book a trade that isn’t compliant.

-> Price a trade faster than anyone else

Send short & long form confirmations with /confirm

As a trade is booked, Catapult can automatically send clients their short form trade confirmation.

Long form legal confirmations can also be automatically populated and sent to the client via Docusign.

-> Improve manual workflows by over 75%

We’re on a mission to build the best institutional grade infrastructure to optimise the trade lifecycle.

We’ve worked at some of the leading institutions in the world, from Goldman Sachs to Google, Meta to Microsoft and are applying our first principles thinking to the institutional digital asset space. If the intersection of finance, digital assets and working with cutting edge LLMs excites you, join us.

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