Powering efficiency in OTC digital asset markets

Improve your desk's performance with our institutional grade solutions to streamline your workflows, reduce risk and drive more business

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200+ hours per trader saved annually

Book trades effortlessly, error free, in seconds

The Catapult Booking Bot automates trade booking directly from within chat apps across spot & derivatives trades.

Our fine-tuned LLM automatically captures trades from any conversation for you to submit to your internal systems in seconds.

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30x faster spot & derivative trade booking
Book trades directly from Telegram & Slack. No more switching screens, CSV uploads or waiting for slow systems.
95% reduction in human error
Automated alerts catch errors before trades are booked, lowering failed trades.
75% improvement in workflow efficiency
Automated trade confirms, chat logs and prompts reduce manual oversight from operations & compliance.
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Perform better with our Client Analytics

Catapult securely analyses your trade conversations with our cutting-edge LLMs to surface actionable insights on your client relationships & desk performance.

Get valuable insights and context on win/loss ratios, client RFQ breakdowns, and key trends to help you better serve your clients and win more business.

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