We are Catapult

Catapult is solving some of the most important problems in finance - how do we build the financial infrastructure that’s fit for the future. We’re starting this by focussing on making OTC markets for digital assets more efficient, through cutting edge LLMs, radical new approaches to solving challenging problems, and building deep networks.

Catapult was co-founded by Rav & Greg. Rav started his career at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Bain, built his first startup, after which he was an EMEA Lead at Meta. Greg is a mathematician and computer scientist with a doctorate from Cambridge, where he was also a research fellow and Gates scholar.

We’re a bold & ambitious team based in London, with a strong track record of excellence. If you’d also like to solve some of the most pressing problems in finance, check out our openings, or DM us.

We're currently hiring for the following roles:

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